Darren McPherson Web Developer

Hey! I‘m a Senior Front–End Engineer over at STV plc. You may have seen me in such companies as ‘Conscia in 60 seconds’, ‘The inside s1job’ and ‘Become Interactive with a vampire’. My 2 passions are JavaScript and lifting weights :)

More About Me

Do I describe myself in the 3rd person? I don't know... Anyway, back in early '83 I went to a party with old papa bear. After the party I left with mama bear… Then after spending 9 months on the inside I broke free! Too much sharing? Gooood!

Okay fastword to the present, I'm a Front–End Engineer over at STV plc. They've given me the title "Senior" which makes me uncomfortable since I feel like I'm still a newb. To me a Senior is Nicholas Zakas and Addy Osmani. Shit I'm losing you. Boobies! Okay you're back… I like to develop high performance JavaScript architectures and HTML5 & CSS3, it makes me happy :)

I also stray away in to the server–side world and do a little bit of PHP and a little bit of Ruby on Rails. Since I initially started off in this awesome business doing Web Design, I like to keep up with the cool kids who do "real" UI design — typography, grids, colour psychology, white–space, all that stuff makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside.

You can contact me at ‘me at darrenmcpherson dot co dot uk’.
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